What is GoPay?

GoPay is a Czech payment gateway through which you can make your cashless payments on the Internet. And not only by payment card, but also by bank transfer, internet wallet, online payment button or even bitcoin.

Payment via GoPay is particularly advantageous in that the money sent from the payer is transferred to the recipient's account almost immediately, which greatly speeds up the purchase process. The GoPay system has a license from the Czech National Bank and is also supervised by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, which is why this form of payment is really reliable and safe.

How does payment via GoPay work?

On the website of the e-shop, you select the product you want to buy.

You choose a payment method and the system automatically redirects you to the GoPay payment gateway.

There you make the payment in the desired way.

The bank's authorization center must approve your payment - it verifies the payment card details with the card and also verifies whether you have enough funds in your account to complete the transaction.

The authorization center then approves the payment and forwards the information to the GoPay payment gateway.

You will see a text on the screen that your transaction was successful.

The system will redirect you back to the merchant's page.