The Fabulous Baron Munchhausen - men

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Color: Dark Blue

T-shirt with The Fabulous Baron Munchhausen design 

In 1961, Karel Zeman made the finest film adaptation of the outlandish tales of Baron Munchausen, made famous in the 1786 book by Gottfried August BürgerThe incredible adventures of the bragging Baron come to life in a film celebrating the courage and imagination of dreamers and poets. Zeman took inspiration from the engravings in the 1862 editionthe work one of the greatest illustrators of the 19th century Gustav Doré.The director achieved a visually captivating style by color-tinting the originalblack and white footage. In the movie, Munchausen's humorous narrative contrasts with the romantic tale of a modern fantasistTony, who becomes the good Baron's rival in love. 


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